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South Taranaki District Council’s 'Warmer Homes' Insulation Scheme

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You can put the cost of home insulation or a heat pump on your South Taranaki District Council's rates. The programme aims to make South Taranaki homes and rental properties warmer, drier and healthier by offering an easy finance option for home insulation and heating and pay if back on your rates over up to 9 years.

We're proud to be an approved provider in the South Taranaki District Council’s 'Warmer Homes' Scheme available for homes built before 2000. The Scheme lets you get home insulation or a clean heat such as a heat pump, and pay them off via a targeted rate on your rates bill over up to 9 years. 

We're one of the approved providers under the Warmer Homes Scheme and can make the process easy for you with a free home assessment including recommendations, and a quote, and we'll help you with the paperwork. Here's a copy of the Council's Application Pack that you may wish to read through before we visit.

Low income homeowners and landlords with low-income tenants may also be eligible for 55% insulation funding as part of EECA's Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes programme.

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Insulation or Heat Pump Funding

There is up to $3,900 (inc GST) of funding support for insulation OR up to $5,000 for clean heat (eg heat pumps) for ratepayers under the Scheme (as long as your insulation is up to standard). A $200 admin fee will be added to each application but may be paid off as part of loan. To be eligible for the Home Energy Scheme funding you must submit a complete application form and:

  1. You must be a South Taranaki District Council ratepayer for the property to be insulated
  2. Your home must have been built before 2000 (for insulation only)
  3. You must be up to date with payments on your rates
  4. You must have a quote from a STDC approved insulation provider such as us!
  5. Your home must be insulated to apply for finance for the heat pump

Smart Energy Solutions is an approved provider under this council scheme and we can also give you obligation free quotes on ventilation, LED downlights, solar PV, hot water management systems, thermal window film and other energy efficiency products. Only insulation and clean heating can be paid of on your rates however.  

How is the funding repaid?

The funding is repaid through your regular rates bill and is itemised as a "targeted rate". The repayments are over a period of 9 years and you can make additional repayments if you wish to pay it off earlier.

If you sell your house before fully paying off the financial assistance you are legally required to disclose the existence of the targeted rate to potential buyers. Alternatively you can pay the outstanding amount off in full prior to selling.

What is the interest rate?

The targeted rate is interest bearing to cover the council's costs. The current interest rate is 7% per annum and is reviewed annually. 

Insulation of up to $3,900 would have an approximate repayment of $48 per month. Read more or contact us today and we'll make the process easy. 

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Combine Rates Funding & EECA Insulation Subsidies

You may also be eligible for 55% insulation subsidies (for homes built pre-2000) as part of the government's EECA Energywise Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes programme. 

For rental properties it will soon be mandatory to have minimum levels of home insulation so the Warmer Homes Scheme is a great opportunity for both homeowners and landlords to bring their houses up to spec.

Book a Home Assessment with us today and we'll make the process easy for you - we'll provide you with recommendations and a quote and help you with the paperwork.

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