55% OFF Insulation for eligible Rentals

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EECA Insulation Subsidies

The current EECA ENERGYWISE™ Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes programme was set up by the New Zealand government to help make NZ homes healthier, warmer and more energy efficient.

Smart Energy Solutions is an approved partner of the EECA Energywise Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes programme and has 50% insulation subsidies available* for eligible homes. Some regions may offer higher subsidies if they have local Trusts contributing extra funding.

Insulation Subsidies Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for EECA's Warm Up New Zealand 55% insulation subsidies the properties must:

  1. be built pre-2000
  2. have a named tenant with a valid Community Services Card or Community Services Card-endorsed SuperGold Card; or
  3. have a named tenant with a demonstrable income-related need*, and one or more occupants of the house has a referral from a medical practitioner registered with the Medical Council of NZ or a nurse registered with the Nursing Council of NZ stating that the occupant suffers from a respiratory illness.

*  Funding is limited and subject to availability so don't hesitate. Conditions apply. Contact us for more details.

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Landlords - don't wait - funding is limited

The Government has very recently extended the eligibility for Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes (WUNZ:HH) insulation grants to include low-income homeowners - in addition to landlords - with low-income or high health need tenants. The change took effect from Wednesday 28 June 2017 and finishes at the end of the programme on 30 June 2018.  

This means 55% insulation grants covering the cost of ceiling and underfloor insulation are now available for eligible homeowners and landlords with eligible tenants.

Insulation and Subsidies

Contact us for assistance in making your rentals compliant with the insulation requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act.

Your contact details:

Hate filling in forms? Call us direct 0800 888 766

We answer 24 hours, 7 days a week so call us anytime.

Landlords - Get a Quote

Whether or not your tenant & property meet the subsidy criteria we can provide a no-obligation quote for insulation. If you aren't eligible for subsidies read on or call us for more information about current discounts and the option of putting the costs onto your council rates* or top-up your mortgage. 

We make it simple: 

  • Send us the details of your rental properties
  • We'll contact your tenants and arrange a time to visit
  • We'll provide a quote and information on any funding or finance support available
  • We install your insulation and smoke alarms if you need them
  • We'll provide a Statement of Insulation (worth $49 per property) for your new Tenancy Agreements

We also assist landlords with a range of other energy efficiency improvements including heat pumps, ventilation systems, extractors, LED downlights and more. Remediation such as insulation is an exemption under new LVR funding rules too.


If you meet the above Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes criteria tell your landlord as they may be able to access 55% funding to cover the insulation costs for your home.

Let your landlord know we can do an obligation-free quote and can send them the paperwork, including what funding is available. We need the property owners permission before you book an assessment. 

Get your Rental Property Checked

Don't meet the EECA criteria?

If you don't meet EECA criteria, we do have some subsidies available courtesy of regional trusts in selected regions. You can contact us to see if any subsidies are available in your region by enquiring here or by ringing 0800 888 766.  Even if you are not eligible for a subsidy we have a range of other financial support including:

Our assessments are obligation free so what have you got to lose - book your Home Assessment today.

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