Finance Options for Rental Properties

4 Ways to Finance Insulation in your Rental Property

Landlords have a range of affordable options available to help protect your asset and ensure your rental properties are warmer, drier and healthier for your tenants. 

1.  Targeted Rates Programmes

Local Councils that allow insulation (& sometimes clean heating) to be paid off via Council Rates Payments include:

2. ANZ 4 year interest Free Insulation

Recently the ANZ bank announced a 4-year Interest-Free Scheme for its mortgage customers.  This will allow landlords to get insulation for their rentals on a loan withut hassle or interest.  Up to two properties can be included.

3. Mortgage Top Ups

Not with the ANZ, no matter - most banks will allow mortgage holders to top-up their mortgage generally without fees to cover home improvements like insulation, heating and ventilation. A Mortgage Top-Up is lower interest typically than most other forms of finance.

4. Squirrel Finance

This is a convenient finance option with quick approval periods. Read more atSquirrel Finance