Whakatane: Up to 90% insulation subsidies STILL available.      Be Quick!


Up to 90% insulation funding is available from Eastern Bay Energy Trust, EECA and Smart Energy Solutions to help eligible Whakatane & Eastern Bay homeowners insulate their homes and rental properties.

The Eastern Bay areas is one of the few regions of the country where insulation subsidies are STILL available for homeowners.  

The continued funding is thanks to the Eastern Bay Energy Trust (EBET), EECA and Smart Energy Solutions working together to provide homeowners up to 90% funding and landlords up to 65% funding with eligible properties in Eastern Bay of Plenty homes, including Whakatane and surrounding areas.

Over the past 4 years we have in conjunction with EBET and EECA helped homeowners and tenants in the region improve the warmth, comfort and energy efficiency of their homes.

What Funding is Available? 

For Tenants on Low Incomes or with a Health Referral: 

Landlords may be eligible for 65% insulation subsidies if:

  1. the home was built before 2000
  2. you have a low-income tenant with a Community Services Card (and named on the Tenancy Agreement), or
  3. at least one occupant has a health referral from an approved health provider

Landlords are required to make a small contribution. Funding is capped at $2,500. Tenants will need to get landlord's approval before booking a rental property check. Funding is limited and subject to availability. Conditions apply.

For Homeowners with a Community Services Card:

You may be eligible for up to 90% insulation subsidies if you are an owner-occupier and have a current Community Services Card, and have either a health referral, or an occupant under the age 17 or over 65. Funding is capped at $3,500. Funding is limited and subject to availability. Conditions apply. 

For Homeowners or Tenants without a Community Services Card: 

You may be eligible for 25% insulation subsidies from our own Cozy Kiwi Fund for the property you reside in. Funding is limited and subject to availability. Conditions apply.

Smart Energy Solutions is proud to work with the Eastern Bay Energy Trust and EECA to help Eastern Bay of Plenty homeowners and tenants have more energy efficient homes while saving money on their power bills.

Other Energy Saving Solutions

If your home is already insulated, we can still help you with heating, ventilation, hot water management solutions, LED downlights and more. You’ll save money on your power bills too!

Contact us today to book your FREE Home Energy Assessment or Rental Property Check where we’ll do a no-obligation measure and quote, advice on what insulation and any other energy efficient solutions you need, and help you with the paperwork.

If you're not sure about what you need we can even provide you with a Free Home Energy Plan.

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