EECA extends Insulation Subsidies to low income homeowners!


EECA has today extended insulation subsidies under the Warm Up New Zealand:Healthy Homes programme to include eligible homeowners!

Today EECA has announced that insulation subsidies under the Warm Up New Zealand:Healthy Homes programme will again be available to eligible homeowners.

Since July 2016 the programme was restricted to rental properties but now, following a slow uptake by landlords, the funding pool has been made available to homeowners as well.

EECA Insulation Subsidy Eligibility

The eligibility conditions for homeowners are the same as for landlords.  To be eligible for the 50% subsidies on ceiling and underfloor insulation the house must have been built prior to 2000 and occupied by either:

  1. a named tenant or homeowner with a valid Community Services Card or Community Services Card-endorsed SuperGold Card; or
  2. a named tenant or homeowner with a demonstrable income-related  need1, and one or more occupants of the house has a referral from a medical practitioner registered with the Medical Council of New Zealand or a nurse registered with the Nursing Council of New Zealand stating that the occupant suffers from a respiratory illness

Implications for Homeowners

Great news but remember this funding is for a limited time only while subsidy funding lasts.  Contact us today to see if you are eligible and the other funding support we have to help you with your share of the cost.

Implications for Landlords

There is now more competition for the current EECA insulation subsidies.  The funding is limited and is strictly on a first come first served basis. With insulation becoming mandatory from July 2018 - if you’re looking for financial support contact us today.

Don’t miss out, contact us today!