Energy Efficient Houses are worth a Premium


A new survey looks at what people consider important when house hunting with a sunny orientation and insulation topping the list.

The latest national survey by Homestar and shows that insulation and energy efficient heating are becoming "must haves" with 90% of respondents saying high levels of insulation and energy efficient heating are worth a premium. 

The survey gauged the features regarded as important when house-hunting and found 86% of prospective home buyers rated a sunny orientation of the house as being important, followed closely by a high level of insulation at 82%.

The top 9 home performance components that respondents felt were worth a premium when house-hunting were:

  1. High levels of insulation
  2. Efficient heating and cooling
  3. Solar Panels
  4. Efficient energy & water fixtures
  5. Double Glazing
  6. Water conservation systems
  7. An independent rating and official certificate for the homes performance
  8. Low energy lighting
  9. Fixtures and fittings with low levels of toxicity, e.g. low VOC


The survey has revealed that energy efficiency has definitely moved up the agenda and while the benefits of insulation are being recognised many people, including landlords, are yet to take advantage of available ceiling and underfloor insulation subsidies.

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