Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill Drawn from Ballot


Phil Twyford's Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill has been drawn from the ballot and will have it's first reading next year. If passed it will mandate adequate insulation and heating for all rental properties.

The "Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill" is a private members bill of Phil Twyford's which was drawn from the ballot box two weeks ago.  The bill proposes an amendment to the Residential Tenancy Act 1986 so that all rental properties must meet minimum health & safety standards including adequate insulation and effective non-polluting heating. NZ Herald reported that landlords whose properties fail to meet the standards could face fines of $3000.

Currently the Residential Tenancy Act has obligations for landlords with respect to cleanliness, maintenance and building health and safety but there are no specific standards set.

In promoting his new bill Phil Twyford has said "If we can make the rental stock dry and warm, it's possibly the single most important public health reform we could make. It would prevent the shocking rates of hospitalisation for respiratory disease, especially among children which is caused by overcrowding."

The bill has been promoted by Labour for some time and emphasises the move from taxpayer subsidies for insulation to a more regulatory framework.

There have been taxpayer subsidised retrofitting schemes for a number of years. It is now time to require all rental properties to be brought up to a minimum standard through a regulatory rule, rather than through future taxpayer subsidy.

Healthy Homes Guarantee Factsheet Labour Party

Meanwhile subsides remain for landlords in the current "Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes" programme with subsidies for landlords of 80-90% depending on region for properties built pre-2000 where the tenant holds a Community Services Card and has a resident aged either under 17 or over 65 years.

To take advantage of these subsidies book a Free Home Assessment with Smart Energy Solutions who also have highly competitive prices on insulation for properties not eligible for the Government programme.