Melbourne Cup bigger saver than Earth Hour

In the News

Fast horses, fashion and lots of bubbly - the Melbourne Cup saves more electricity in Victoria than was saved in "Earth Hour".

The Australian newspaper has reported research from the Energy Supply Association of Australia which showed that electricity usage in Victoria fell by 12.5% on Melbourne Cup day last year compared to a reduction (measured in NSW) of just 1.9% during "Earth Hour" in March 2013. Read more at The Australian.

The research suggests that a similar effect is seen in America during the Super Bowl (5% reduction during the game) but that the real cause of the saving is the fact that it's a public holiday and that commerce and industry account for 70% of total power use.

The higher savings of the Melbourne Cup relative to Earth Hour in Australia does not devalue the role of Earth Hour which aims to get people to make a first step, a commitment to more sustainable living. Learn more about "Earth Hour".

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