Rental Subsidy Countdown - only 5 weeks left!

24 May 2018

DON'T MISS OUT - 55% insulation subsidies for eligible rental properties WILL END 30th June 2018 - that's only 5 weeks to get your rental insulation installed.

Insulation is to be mandatory in rental properties by June 2019 BUT the EECA insulation subsidies are only available until 30th June. That's only 5 weeks away so don't delay.

We make it easy for you - we'll arrange with your tenants to visit the property, send you the paperwork (including any subsidies and discounts) and co-ordinate the installation with your tenants and send you the Statement of Insulation for your lease agreements.

Complete the green form on the right or call us on 0800 888 766 today to get your properties assessed before the current insulation funding runs out.

We’re an approved insulation provider in EECA’s current Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes programme and can give you an obligation-free quote to get your rental properties insulated before subsidies run out. 

The new EECA Insulation programme "Warmer Kiwi Homes" DOES NOT have insulation subsidies for rental properties (when it starts on 1st July 2018).

4 reasons to get Quoted for Insulation now
  1. These subsidies stop 30th June so don't delay.
  2. Demand in the final year for insulation work will be extremely high.
  3. In new lease agreements Statements of Insulation are mandatory now! We can provide you with a free Statement of Insulation when we complete your installation.
  4. We make it easy and take care of everything.
Already have a Quote from us?

That's great, call now and book your install in while these subsidies last. Call us on 0800 888 766 or complete the form in the box on the right.

Not eligible for Subsidies? ...

Even if you’re not eligible for subsidies we have a range of finance options available to make insulating now affordable.

We make it easy ...

We make it easy to get rentals insulated.

  • We can give you an estimate over the phone - 0800 888 766
  • We can then do a rental property check.
  • We provide the subsidy paperwork and assist completing it.
  • We have a finance broker that can assist adding it to your mortgage.
  • We are providers in the various Local Council Rates programmes so you can pay it off on your rates.

Don’t hesitate - give us a call on 0800 888 766 or leave your details online.

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