Smart Energy Solutions Testimonials & Reviews

Smart Energy Solutions is proud of the unsolicited positive feedback we get from our customers. Read some of the reviews from our customers.

Smart Energy Solutions Testimonials & Reviews

The comments and reviews that follow are from emails and letters Smart Energy Solutions has received from happy customers.

Read through them and have confidence in contacting us to assist in making your home more comfortable, healthy and energy efficient.

Our team are focused on finding "solutions" for your home and are commited to making the process as easy for you as possible.


Reviews Received

We've been in our house for 11 years. Every winter we spent a fortune on wood for the fire, and it took ages to properly warm the house. Every morning we used three towels to wipe the condensation off the windows.

The friendly guys from SES came and did a free home energy assessment and informed us there was not enough insulation in our ceiling and no underfloor insulation. We discovered we qualified for an EECA grant of 60% and that we would also get assistance from the Eastern Bay Energy Trust - our job was going to be 100% funded!

The guys were fantastic, fast and efficient and in no time the job was done. Immediately we noticed the house was so much warmer and drier and the fire didn't need to be lit as early in the day - we are using half as much wood as before. There's almost no condensation on the windows each morning and the floor is lovely and warm under our feet.

Thank you SES, we can't recommend you highly enough! 

Karen, Whakatane

I am writing to put on record my recent experience with your company.

I have never engaged with a "cold call" let alone acted on one, this was a first!  The caller from SES was pleasant, helpful and NOT at all pushy, for those reasons I didn't hang up and so the journey began.

Every aspect of your operation was simply outstanding, from the assessment, to the installation and the follow up check everything happened as planned.  Your team in Dunedin were simply spectacular, on time, on budget and the service was better than I had expected, not common in this day and age.

The house is significantly warmer and your product is significantly superior to those other fibreglass products.

Many thanks to you and the team. 

Michael, Dunedin.

I have just had my home insulated in both roof and underfloor.

The 3 young tradesmen arrived at the expected time this morning and worked continually without a break for 3 hours to complete the work. All the work was done efficiently, quietly and courteously. Of course I have yet to discover the effectiveness of the insulation but already I have noticed a difference in the acoustics of our home and perhaps a slight warming of the atmosphere on this slightly cooler day.

But may I say how impressed I am with your service and the courteous and efficient work performed by your three young tradesmen. I highly recommend your work in insulation. Thank you Smart Energy Solutions.

Ian, Taranaki

I just wanted to thank you for the warm and cosy house we now have.

I have been pretty amazed at the speed at which my application for home insulation was processed, the professionalism shown by everyone involved at all stages, and the quality workmanship undertaken. An all-round top class job indeed.

I’ve really felt the difference between no insulation at all, to the ceiling and floor insulation I now have. No more hunting around for my slippers before daring to cross those bare wooden floors anymore!

Great product, great service. Again, many thanks to everyone involved. Best regards,

AJ, Gisborne

Home Rental Services has had many rental properties insulated through Warm Up Eastland. This work has been done very quickly and efficiently.

We have been very pleased with the speed that has made so many of our rentals warmer and drier for the tenants and our owners have been pleased with the small cost incurred. 

Eileen, Home Rental Services, Gisborne

Smart Energy Solutions has helped Eastwoodhill out by insulating one of our curator’s homesteads for free. Under its agreement with the Eastland Community Trust, Smart Energy Solutions completes a community project for every 100 homes it insulates.  Due to its charitable status Eastwoodhill fitted into the community category and thanks to ECT and Smart Energy Solutions the curator and his family will be warmer for winters to come.

Dana, Eastwoodhill Arboretum, Gisborne

Thank you Smart Energy Solutions, EECA and ECT – our home has been recently insulated through the Warm Up Eastland scheme, it is much warmer and also a lot more soundproof with the insulation. Very much appreciated. Thanks 

Lynda, Gisborne

We recently had a wood burner installed in our house in Auckland and immediately felt the benefits of a warmer home. We previously had a single heat pump in the lounge and while this heated the living area it had little effect on the rest of the home.

The wood burner was installed into the old open brick fireplace in the lounge and we now leave the doors open to the rest of the house and enjoy heating in other areas also.

We are thrilled with the performance of the new Masport I3000 wood burner fireplace.

Daryl and Alice, Auckland

We are very pleased with Smart Energy Solutions and the great job they did at insulating our ceiling. We moved to the house not long ago and because it was older and bigger than our last home, we noticed how cold it was in the winter. We quickly decided we needed to get some sort of insulation done. SES came very promptly and wrote us up a quote, and explained how it all worked. We were very happy and the very next day the friendly guys were in to put the insulation up in the ceiling!! 

We noticed a big difference in how much warmer our house was and how easy and quick it was to heat. We are rapt and would highly recommend this to anyone!! It is well worth it to have a cosy warm house to live in! We told my mum and she had it done and she says her house is no longer an icebox!! Very happy! So thank you Smart Energy Solutions.

Paul, Hamilton

I am writing this in regard to the top quality service your company 'Smart Energy Solutions' provided me in March 2012.

Early in the year, I approached your business for a quote. As a Northland homeowner I supported the benefits of a 'warmer, drier, healthier' home. I have children too (twin sons) so I wanted to provide my family with the best living environment possible.  I'd wanted my home insulated for quite some time & it was very important to me!

I was also lucky enough to receive a huge discount on my quote at that time, making it so affordable & I very much looked forward to getting the job done.

Right before I was due to give you the go ahead my circumstances dramatically changed due to separation.

Financially I feared I would no longer get my LOVELY insulation.

Out of the blue I received some WONDERFUL news from Your Company... apparently not only was I eligible for the subsidy and Cozy Kiwi Grant but you had some employees that needed the experience, I was told that you were going to insulate my home for FREE!

Nothing is free these days but NOT ONLY did you do this for my home but MY EXPERIENCE was PRICELESS.

Your company has some of the most professional, polite, efficient people working for it. The guy who did my underfloor had a nickname (I forget now) but it related to how he could fit in such low/tight spaces under houses, he did a quick & awesome job! Also the guy who did my ceiling was genuinely informative & helpful.

From start to finish my experience with your company was pleasant & the people were friendly, from the phone calls, to the sales reps to the installers.

I wish to express my deepest satisfaction & gratitude not only in the products you provided my home with but your company & the professionalism of the people who installed it.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends & family.

I assure you that I will use your business again with any future homes I purchase.


Marney, Whangarei

Our house has been miraculously transformed! It’s remarkable what just insulation does, our children want to sleep in their own beds in their own rooms and they didn’t wake up this morning and play ‘smoking’! The

condensation wasn’t worth wiping off. Thank you!

Our family arrive from the islands next week, this is just what we needed. And with 60% off we could afford it, not sure about the heating unit but will keep it in mind for next year, still lapping the insulation up! Thanks,

Ma, Hamilton

Your installers completed the installation of the insulation today. I was impressed at how hard working and meticulous to detail these two young men are. They are a credit to your company. Many thanks,

Peter, Rotorua

Please pass on our thanks and appreciation to your installers, and the team. We found everyone to be friendly and professional, they were on time, and finished the work quickly and without fuss. We are happy to recommend Smart Energy Solutions to anyone looking to have work carried out. Thanks Again. PS: Noticeable difference in the comfort levels of our home now, should have done it sooner!

Colin, Tauranga

I just want to let you know how pleased I am with your company. We had insulation done last week. The whole process from obtaining the quotation from Assessor, answering the phone by yourself and the other Admin person to the actual installation of the insulation was a hassle free experience.

Everybody we contacted during the whole process was friendly, accommodating and professional.  The highlight is the installation team, they were young but very efficient, polite and professional. I understand that the job is not easy, crawling around dusty and dirty places but they just got on to it with no fuss.

Thanks for your service, I hope more companies have your kind of service. 

Linda, Auckland

Kia Ora, Three of your technicians recently installed insulation in my home.

I was very apprehensive having workmen in my home after being attacked a few years ago. Your staff are the first to have done any work on it since then as it has taken until recently for me to be able to allow strangers (especially male ones) into my home.

To be honest, I was a little concerned when I saw how young they were, however, their youth soon became completely irrelevant. All three young men were courteous, polite and friendly. They showed respect for me as a customer and my home by removing their shoes when entering to install the ceiling insulation, asking before using the bathroom and closing the hallway door without being asked when my telephone rang so that my call wouldn't be disturbed.

The ceiling cavity, as you will have seen, is probably the tightest space that they have ever had to work in. Rather than complain about it they just got on with their work. The three of them seemed to work together well as a team collaborating in a positive manner to get the ceiling insulated.

By mid-morning I suggested a morning tea break and offered a hot drink, but they insisted on continuing with their work to its completion. On completing the ceiling, one of the young men offered to vacuum any dust or product that had landed on the floor in their work area, a delightful customer service offer that no other workman has offered when completing work for me. 

After a quick break, they started under the house and again I could tell that they seemed to be working happily together as a team to complete their task.

If these three men are representative of the rest of the staff that you employ, then I can only draw the conclusion that you must have a wonderful workforce. They showed maturity beyond their ages, were courteous and professional showing respect while also having a sense of humour. Not once did I hear a grumble about their tight work space and they left my home in the same condition as they found it. I felt extremely safe having them in my home and would recommend them to any other potential customer without hesitation.  It was a pleasure having them work on my home.

Please pass on my thanks to these young men.  Thanking you,

Lorraine, Matamata

My family and I noticed a difference ' a couple of hours' after installation, and thought that there was no possible way that the difference could be noticed that soon.  But we were wrong -  I have not had to scream at my kids to get out of bed in the morning .... yet (touch wood), nor have we had the heater on a night.

The impact that this has made on our family so far has been huge - it's just a pity that we didn't do it earlier.  Oh well better late than never - aye!

I hear 2 of my friends are using you guys too, so am excited to be able to compare and share stories with someone soon. Many many THANKS again,

Terii, Auckland

We wanted to let you all know how pleased we are with our new insulation. The house is so much warmer. We have been incredibly impressed with every aspect of Smart Energy Solutions - your assessor was a great salesman - he gave us heaps of information without being pushy, the installers did a really tidy and efficient job, our dealings with your office have been friendly and efficient. A big thank you to all of you for your professionalism - you have made the process very easy for us. I have already recommended your company to 2 of my friends who are thinking of upgrading their insulation. Please feel free to pass on our feedback to the relevant people. Kind regards,

Alana & Angus, Auckland

Hi, I just want to give a huge thank you to your company for providing such a wonderful service through the personality of one of your assessors. He brought warmth into our home with his helpful, friendly down to earth character. He made us feel taken care of from the many problems we have with this place. He is much recommended for any homes that have experienced the cold season. People like this will erase stresses and pressures of the financial crisis. Well done assessor, keep up with your bubbly personality, and you are definitely due for an acknowledgement from your company. Thank you very much...........Satisfied customers....

Penina, Auckland

Please pass on that I am really impressed with the job the boys did and also the gentleman that came and audited the job. It has been a well worth project done. I will definitely pass to friends on what a good job has been done by your company. I’m very impressed from your assessor’s visit to the end result.

I really did want to express the good service as not a lot of people compliment on the goods things that are done do they!  Please let the guys know my thoughts. Just noticing the difference this week - quite amazing. Thank you,

Joy, Auckland

I am just sending this e-mail to tell you how very happy my wife and I have been in dealing with Smart Energy Solutions. The man who has just completed his final inspection was very obliging and as were the installers. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company and product to anybody interested. Our home is so much warmer now, and will obviously help in lowering the power bill, all the best and wish you all the success in your future. Cheers

Gary, Whangarei

Wow less than a month from the time of my first enquiry to a fully insulated warm home!!

Would you please pass on our sincere thanks to the Smart Energy Solutions Assessor for the manner in which he went into detail during the assessment visit and sat down and explained what was involved, the product to be used and the cost. His manner and approach was professional and sincere and his ability to reply to any queries that I may have had were soon answered. It took no time at all to measure up and work out all that was required.

Within a little over a week and the guys of the "Insulation Team" arrived and went about their task of fitting the insulation.

Three neat young guys got on with the job with little fuss and or disruption. Not the easiest of jobs crawling around in limited space laying out the insulation. I had to force them to stop for a cuppa and then they were off on to the next job.  The place left neat and tidy and no mess to clean up!!

So to all members of the “Team" at Smart Energy Solutions, many thanks for a job well done.

One month later; I am sincerely rapt by the response to our original enquiry and it was capped off yesterday by the arrival and installation of the Heat Pump. 

D’Arcy and Jan, Kamo

We are thrilled with the difference it has made to the house.   The temperature is much warmer already and it feels like we have had a heater on during the day and the house stays warm for the night as well.

I also wanted to pass on how pleased we were with the team that installed our insulation. They were very pleasant and professional and kept the work site very tidy.  Regards,

Katy, Whangarei

We are really happy (and warm) with the job and the boys were great. Thank you to all concerned for a great job.

Natalie, Whangarei

Please pass on our thanks to the contractors involved for managing the problems (eg wasp nest treatments and water leaks) that occurred during the installation.

We appreciated the regular consultation and updates during the process. 

Sue, Whangarei

We recently had insulation installed by your company in Auckland. I would just like to pass on my thanks for your very professional service and a great solution - we are really enjoying our warm house.

All of your staff were very professional and courteous, your salesman, your installers and your auditor.

I would be very happy to provide a reference for your services.   Thanks and Regards,

Tim, Mt Albert

We are soooo toasty warm thanks and are looking forward to next winter already!:)  We can't get over the huge difference it's made. Our little house was an "ice box" in winter and now it's warm and cosy - and healthy!

We also appreciated how prompt all your email correspondence was - especially with our initial enquiry - and how quick and relatively affordable the whole process turned out to be.

Wish the (government) scheme was around years ago! 

Lisa, Whangarei

I would like to commend your fellow staff members who have made the process of getting our home installed a breeze. The timeliness has been remarkable and without a doubt the best I have ever come across.  From the time of application everyone has been a pleasure to deal with.

My concern had been dealt with, without a hitch - I was very concerned and worried that the man hole was so tiny that no one would be able to fit. I had been re-assured that this would be covered which only just put my mind to rest.  The next morning when I showed the guy he reckons 'No worries, we can fit up there'. You have no idea how happy I was to hear that from him……

After a long day at work the guys had finished and one mentioned to my partner that we would be able to notice the difference within the next few days, however the difference was noticed the very next morning. It's great walking through our home and not freezing our ‘toes’ off.

This has been great and one of the best investments we have made.....

Once again, thank you for your great service and if you ever need someone for a glowing reference (which you shouldn't) I would be happy to help.  Thanks again,

Andrea, Auckland

I just wanted to give you some feedback on your salesman who came to see us this morning.  He was great to deal with: nice attitude, punctual and very professional.

Makes a nice change compared to other tradesmen we have dealt with! 

Birgit, Auckland

I see that you are a new business. There were a couple of things your quotes guy did that the other two companies did not and here’s why you got the business.

(1)    Most professional quote that was accurately calculated (there were calculation errors in one of the others).
(2)    The only person to ask the tenants if they had a community services card.  One tenant did even though we had asked and they didn’t tell us that they did have one.
(3)    The only person to ask if he could take a look at the insulation in the ceiling of unit 1.  We had assumed this insulation to be OK but once he had taken a look it was clear that it was not as good as it could have been – hence the additional insulation put into that ceiling.

Great work from your team. Please pass on our thanks. It is always good to have a job like this go well so I thought I should tell you about it! We have recommended Smart Energy Solutions to one other person so far and they have found the same thing. Regards,

Claire, Mt Wellington

We recently had insulation installed by your company. I would just like to pass on my thanks for your very professional service and a great solution - we are really enjoying our warm house.

All of your staff were very professional and courteous, your salesman), and also your installers and your auditor.

I would be very happy to provide a reference for your services.Thanks and Regards,

Tim, Mt Albert

Dear ALL SES staff, all staff equally - I was privileged to have met a truly great company, so I Thank you very much- if a market research company contacted me, I would happily tell them you have scored from day one right when the quote was done and before the quote was booked - all staff and all branches of your truly fantastic company are in my experience 100% perfect in every way.

Thank you so much for your excellent installation today of insulation in my roof cavity and underfloor.

I am absolutely delighted and thrilled at your outstanding company's impeccable service of the utmost quality so high that your customer service standards are unbelievably perfect.

I have dealt with literally dozens and dozens and dozens of tradespeople working on all facets in the past decade and a half in particular on houses I have owned, updated, renovated, etc...but your company exceeds all my highest expectations by far and outperforms all your competitors in the industry by miles based on the quotes I did get from some other companies who quote.

I have never encountered a better company anywhere with harder working staff. Your staff are by far the nicest, friendliest, most skilled, most professional and by far the most reliable and easiest to deal with.

It is a total pleasure to do business with you and I will be only too ecstatic to tell all of my family and friends and contacts that you are the best and only insulation and energy efficiency company I will be dealing with and my friends and family should all do likewise.

I would rate all your staff and procedures and products and service and skills all at 100% perfect. 100% customer satisfaction is a rare accomplishment and I have never come across any company that would get all perfect scores on all areas.

I am the happiest customer because I have found the best ever company.

I think your company name is the secret, because you are the Smartest company and you have the best Energy solutions and the most efficient and energetic staff and the friendliest most successful company. I salute you all and I am awestruck at what a brilliant company of amazing people you are because I have never ever seen any better organisation ever in operation.

I cannot thank you all enough for your help and professionalism and being such a friendly and nice warm caring company. As I said previously to Paul who truly is a mastermind to schedule all these customers in winter [and I  pay tribute to all of you equally who did such a great quote that it inspired me with total confidence, I will be coming back to your company when in due course I will be getting my future heat pumps [currently have got 2 of them and an Econergy HPWH but I will be getting more in due course as funds permit in the medium term plan, and I will be coming back to you for more insulation etc when I do more renovations to the external walls in the longer term plan etc].

Whatever is your secret to success, I wish you all the very best, and may you always be prospering superabundantly and very very blessed with huge success.

Your company deserve to be very very very prosperous and I have never seen a better harder working more positive company on the entire planet [despite having lived overseas and seen some very dynamic companies and good companies doing great things - but you are by far the best company in all ways on all fronts and you go the extra mile].

You are not only the best company in New Zealand. You are not only the best company in Australasia. You are the best company in the South Pacific, and in my experience, you are the best company in the whole world!!

I shall be doing my best to ensure that everybody I know hears about how fabulous you all are due to your wonderful staff doing a wonderful job with not only excellent results but a thrilled and ecstatic customer who is truly delighted by your whole company's brilliant attitude and service and help!!

I am extremely grateful to you all and I am totally impressed by you all. You have a very special secret formula employing the right staff who are highly trained, highly skilled, and they all achieve excellence all the time and go out of their way to go the extra mile and help the customer [who is inspired to be your biggest fan and to tell everyone how nice and friendly and perfect and brilliant your company and staff are]. This is not human to achieve excellence and perfection all the time 24 7 - this is divine so I can only say that God is going to bless you more and more and more because you are such an outstanding pursuer of excellence that you will be rewarded greatly!!! This is truly truly a miracle to have such caring staff who genuinely want to have happy customers and the staff all work extremely hard to help the customers get the desired result exactly right so that everyone is happy in the long term and everything is.

Thank you all very much and I hope you all have a very good weekend and can eventually get some time off to rest in this truly hectic season when you are all so busy, but you still do everything right all the time despite the huge workload. I am so impressed by you all  !!!!!!!!!    If only everyone in NZ were operating at your standards of perfection and excellence, New Zealand would be prospering more than ever before overnight !

Kirsten, Glenfield

Firstly I would like to say how pleased we are with the insulation, the house is so much warmer, we especially notice it in the morning.  Also what a great job the team did, thank you.

Jean, Glendene

I would like to pass on my feedback of your salesman who recently quoted for me; I thought he was very professional and friendly but most importantly I found him very knowledgeable and detailed with his information of the job, the details of installation and product knowledge.

I had already had a competitor quote and after your salesman’s visit and before I had received the formal quote from your company I was able to tell the other company I would not go with them as your man had without a doubt made me feel your company would be the better company to deal with in terms of the installation (both companies would use the same product) but more importantly that I could trust in the level of professionalism that he conveyed your company would deliver.

I am in marketing and sales myself and hence I feel it is important to give credit where credit is due as it always to easy to only tell people about negative service and forget to mention when service stands out, therefore please pass onto the management team at Smart Energy Solutions that I was impressed by the service your salesman provided.

I do intend to go with your company for installation so book me in. 

Claire, Auckland

The team arrived and did the installation very competently today.

Your team has been very helpful and efficient.

When we first sent in the response using the govt website we selected three suppliers. You rang within 5 minutes made an appointment and followed up with a confirmation email, the second company rang after 5 days saying they had received our contact, and promised to follow up on the call – which they never did. The third company never made any contact at all.

In addition to your company’s vastly superior response I have found all the staff to be helpful, pleasant and efficient in letting me know when they were coming, arriving on time, and forwarding information.

It has been a pleasure to organise and it would be lovely if you pass my thanks on to the team.

Frances, Whangarei

Please pass on my thanks for the quick, efficient and professional service your men offered me. I appreciate it.  Best wishes,

Fern, New Lynn

All good at my end, the guy who did the job was excellent. Not only was he out of here in 3 hours but I checked the work after the fact and it was impeccable. Many Thanks,

John, Auckland

Could you please pass on to your managers our appreciation of our Sales Consultant and the team who did the work? My wife has been impressed with their politeness and the cleanliness of their work. We will be recommending your company to our friends and family.  Warm regards,

Peter, Titirangi

Thanks for everything.  You have been a great company to deal with. Many thanks,

Robyn, Whangarei

I'm really pleased with the work that was done and the house is much warmer and drier now. Thanks very much to all the team for a very good job. I should add that having just had building renovations and plumbing work done, it was such a pleasure to have a day with your guys here and hardly be aware that they were at work, they were polite, tidy and just quietly got on with it.  Best wishes,

Alison, Northland

Smart Energy Solutions, you are a company to be commended, your service and professionalism is outstanding.   From a representative first calling at my home and in detail advising me what’s to be done and what materials are used, to the very hard working guys who did the insulation and completed the job in one day.   It was a pleasure to deal with you. There were no delays and no hassles.

Well it’s now mid winter and what a difference, my home doesn’t feel as icy as it used to and I’m not freezing cold!  The insulation has certainly made a vast change to the temperature of my home.  I was also very impressed with the information package provided to me when the quote was done about the products that the company uses as well as a second package with even more information that I received after the job was done.  Thanks.  Regards

Dafna, Sandringham

Please pass on to your Installer that we greatly appreciate the quality work he did for us installing insulation in our home last week. It was a very thorough job and we have really noticed the difference it has made in lifting the average temperature in the house. Even with this really cold weather it does not take anywhere near as much effort to warm the house and keep it warm.  Many thanks,

Scott and Tracey, Forrest Hill

Your whole team at SES are to be commended for the excellent service from the initial consultation to the handshake with the internal auditor! The professionalism of the guys doing the installation was second to none. They were extremely courteous and very tidy. On a professional note I was very impressed with the installation guys’ communication with each other and their teamwork with respect to the environment they worked in and the dangers involved which led to job completion in about 4-5 hours.

Also, how many other companies would arrange to be on site at 8am and ring us to say they will be a bit late due traffic and arrive at 8:15am! If only large corporations had your attitude!

Cheers and thanks very much for your efforts.   

Adrian, Auckland

Our grateful thanks for a job well done.  Most efficient service, executed with a smile or three.

Jenny, Gisborne

I would like to say how impressed I have been with Smart Energy Solutions. Throughout the process from first contact with the SES office,  followed up right away by the assessor’s very thorough inspection, assessment and quote, to the job itself -- carried out by your agile and hard-working team, with instructions, spot checks and approvals by your Auditor -- and even including your clear, detailed invoice, I cannot fault SES.

I have already recommended SES to one friend, and will email the Auckland Council's eco design advisor to let them know what an exceptionally good job SES does.

My decision to ask SES to come and quote were significantly influenced by the customer endorsements I read on your website.

With my home now thoroughly insulated top and bottom, I am looking forward to a warm and cosy winter as well as a cooler house on hot summer days.

My thanks again to the entire SES team.

Jan, Auckland