Energy Efficient LED Downlights lower power bills

LED downlights are the smart new energy efficient solution for recessed lighting. Incandescent downlights are inefficient and require large gaps in ceiling insulation.

LED Downlights save power

Traditional incandescent light bulbs have changed very little over the last 100 years and while they are familiar and effective they are not very efficient, converting less than 5% of their energy into visible light. The balance is converted into heat.  LED downlights will:

  • allow insulation to be abutted up to CA-rated light-fittings or to cover IC-rated LED downlights.
  • use up to 85% less energy than traditional incandescent downlights. 

Smart Energy Solutions provides obligation free quotes to upgrade incandescent, CFL or halogen downlights to energy efficient LED downlight fittings.

Downlights & Insulation

The use of downlights in modern homes with incandescent light bulbs poses a challenge for thermal efficiency. Guidelines require insulation to keep up to 200mm clear of all downlights unless the light fitting carries an “IC” or “CA” classification. This clearance results in considerable heat loss around the light fitting as shown by the thermal image on the right.

Insulation can cover IC-F rated LED downlights to keep your home warm and bright in winter by limiting heat loss. For free quotes on replacing your downlights with long-life LED equivalents, contact us today.

A great demonstration of just how much heat is given off from incandescent bulbs versus LED bulbs is the popular "Bear Grills" TV advert from EECA. 

6 Smart Energy Lighting Solutions

We're all guilty of leaving lights on when we leave the room, but for the time it takes to turn them off, we've got no excuse to continue our bad habits. Not only are we wasting energy, we are wasting money. Follow these simple tips and save!

  1. Switch them off. It seems simple, but it rarely happens. Lights are often left on when not in use and you are left paying for energy that is simply wasted. 
  2. Replace lighting with energy efficient options. By replacing incandescent light bulbs with energy saving LEDs wherever possible, you will start making instant savings. LED are more reliable and use less power for the same amount of lumins (light)
  3. Work with mother nature. Sunlight is free – use it wherever possible.
  4. Save yourself a headache. By having too many lights on, or ‘over lighting’ you can actually create glare, eye strain and headaches. Save money and save headaches by working out which lights you don’t need and switching them off.
  5. Install light sensors. They automatically turn on when someone enters the room and turn off again when no movement is detected.
  6. Put a little romance in your life. Dinner or a movie by candlelight creates a special atmosphere for couples and novelty for kids (just supervise them).


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