Free Home Energy Plan

Solar Panels? Double Gazing? Insulation? Ventilation? Find out what's the best energy solution for your home with a personalised, free Home Energy Plan.

Which Energy Solution is Best for you?

It can be confusing figuring out what the best product is for your home to improve it's energy efficiency and comfort. The list of possible options never seems to end and some carry very large price tags.

  • Is my home ready for solar PV panels?
  • What's the best way to warm my home?
  • Are there any quick wins for a healthier, more energy efficient home?
  • Double glazing or window film?
  • What financial return will I get?

The best energy solution for your home is very individual. It depends on your home, family, lifestyle and personal energy priorities. Watch Tony Snushall, CEO of Smart Energy Solutions explain the philosophy behind our Free Home Energy Plans.

A Personal Home Energy Plan – FREE of charge

We have a simple way to help you evaluate the best options for your home and budget with a personalised Home Energy Plan free of charge (worth $99). 

Our Home Energy Plan will guide you on the best investments in your home. We'll help you rank the various energy technologies based on how well they solve your energy problems. We’ll look at the impact of each product category relative to their cost so that you can invest in the one with the best outcome for you.

It’s free advice without obligation so you can make an informed decision on the best energy investment for your home. 

Your personal Home Energy Plan includes:

  • A summary of your current home’s energy products
  • A recommendation regarding Energy Priorities
  • A ranking of available products that deliver on your energy objectives
  • An evaluation of the Return on Investment (ROI) for each product
  • Free energy tips

We combine your Home Energy Plan with a quick physical assessment of your home to refine the recommendations. Through consultation we will then highlight the products that will best suit your home and budget. To complete the picture we can also give you obligation-free quotes for most products and, if you’re interested, we can coordinate supply and installation.

Our evaluations include: solar panels, insulation, double glazing, heating, home seals, hot water heating, battery technology, EVs, LED downlight solutions, window films, thermal curtains, ventilation and more.

Normally, getting an engineer or auditor to do a technical home energy audit would cost you hundreds of dollars. We'll do your own personalised Home Energy Plan for FREE (worth $99). 

The best solutions for your home start with free advice about ALL the leading products and Free Advice is just an enquiry away. Request a Free Home Energy Plan online or call us on 0800 888 766.