Heat Pumps: Best Brands, Quotes, Finance & Installation

Heat Pumps are the most energy efficient form of electric heating for NZ homes. We give free advice and quotes on a selection of the best heat pump brands nationwide.

Heat Pumps: winter warmth & summer cooling

Heat pumps are highly regarded as the most energy efficient form of electric heating for NZ homes. On average, for every $1 of electricity you pay on your heat pump, you get about $4 worth of heat. In addition, switching from a fire to a heat pump improves the air quality of your home and neighbourhood.  

If you are buying a heat pump, it is best to have it correctly sized and installed in your home and we offer free advice and no-obligation quotes plus information on financial assistance available for heat pumps.

Our friendly team of in-home assessors can review your heating needs, compare brands and make the whole process of buying the best heat pump for your home easy.

Special Heat Pump Offers: 

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Put a Heat Pump on your Council Rates

We have a range of financial assistance available to make installing a heat pump affordable including paying off your heat pump via your local council rates over up to 9 years. 

In Auckland, Masterton, New Plymouth, South Taranaki, Hawkes Bay and Dunedin there are Council rates programes that support you adding a heat pump to your home.  

We're an approved provider in the rates programmes in these areas. Learn more at a free home energy assessment or read about getting a heat pump on council rates here.

If a rates programme isn't available in your region, we have interest free options or you can also take our quotes to your bank as many will allow you to add a heat pump to your mortage and several will waive any fees to do so.

We make buying a Heat Pump easy:

Smart Energy Solutions can recommend, supply and install the best heat pumps for your home - be it your living room or bedrooms.

  1. We visit you for a Free Home Assessment and provide an obligation-free quote for various heat pump brands.
  2. We know what funding options are available in your area and can assist with paperwork.
  3. Our expert teams install your heat pump professionally.
  4. We can also provide affordable options for heating other rooms in your home.

It's that easy and we provide all our advice and quotes for free so why not book an in-home assessment of your heating needs today.

The Best Heat Pump Brands

We only stock leading brands like Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin and Panasonic heat pumps who are widely trusted by New Zealanders.

Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps 

Mitsubishi also have the distinction of having won the Canstar Blue Customer Satisfaction survey in both 2013 and 2014. With a reputation for quiet operation and models designed for very low temperature climates, Mitsubishi heat pumps are one of our most popular brands. Read more about Mitsubishi Heat Pumps

Daikin Heat Pumps   

We also have Daikin heat pumps available nationwide. Daikin scored well on the Canstar Blue Customer Satisfaction survey for quietness, reliability and value for money. Read more about Daikin.

Panasonic Heat Pumps

With a range of Panasonic quality heat pumps including wall or floor units as well as fully ducted solutions, we can help find the best heat pump for your home. Read more about Panasonic Heat Pumps


All about Heat Pumps

How Heat Pumps Work

Heat pumps (or 'reverse cycle air conditioners') use the same technology as your refrigerator but in reverse, to heat your home. They work by taking heat from the air outside your house and transferring it inside, using a sophisticated compressor, fan and refrigerant gases.

The benefit of Reverse Cycle Heat Pumps

In New Zealand heating is the primary reason that people buy a heat pump. Virtually all heat pumps available in New Zealand are "reverse-cycle" which means they can be used for both heating and cooling which has undeniable benefits on hot summer days and nights. A heat pump in your bedroom can help you sleep more comfortably and you don't have to run it all night - often just a few hours as you go to bed is enough to improve your sleep. Read also  "7 Smart Solutions for Hot Humid Nights"

Most heat pumps also have a dehumidifying option as well to assist with condensation control.

Size and location of Heat Pump

The size of heat pump you need is connected to the size of your room, the amount of windows and your local climate. Our in-home assessors can guide you on what size is best for your home and help with correct placement in a room to avoid draughts blowing directly onto you.

Energy Star Heat Pumps

EECA's Energy Star is a programme which highlights the most energy efficient models available within a category. EECA estimates that your costs to run a heat pump will be $150 lower per year on an Energy Star heat pump versus an non-Energy Star model. Energy Star heat pumps are consequently more popular - for example in 2009/10 Energy Star heat pumps were 21% of the available models yet represented 65% of sales. Source: Energywise website  

Installation of a Heat Pump

Installation of a heat pump involves two components: the indoor unit, which you see in all the ads and pictures, as well as an outdoor compressor unit. It's important that both components of your heat pump are installed professionally as there are refrigerant gas and electrical considerations. We use only highly experienced heat pump and air conditioning installers.

Smart Energy Solutions Heat Pump Experience

Smart Energy Solutions has been offering insulation and heat pumps throughout New Zealand for years. We can be trusted to help you select the right model for your home.

We operate NZ wide with branches in Whangarei (Northland), Auckland, Hamilton (Waikato), Tauranga (Coromandel, Bay of Plenty & Rotorua), Whakatane (also covering Taupo), New Plymouth (Taranaki, Palmerston North & Wanganui), Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin (Otago wide) and Cromwell (Central Otago).

Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps

Mitsubishi Electric heat pump air conditioners have a fantastic reputation in NZ for their quietness and performance at low temperatures. We have up to 9 years finance available for selected models via participating local Councils.

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Daikin Heat Pumps

We range Daikin heat pumps as they have an energy efficient range with a range of designs to suit New Zealand homes.

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Panasonic Heat Pumps

With a range of Panasonic quality heat pumps including wall or floor units as well as fully ducted solutions, we can help find the best heat pump for your home.

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