SmartVent: NZ’s best Home Ventilation System

Affordable & advanced SmartVent home ventilation systems include temperature & humidity sensing options to control air quality, damp and window condensation.

SmartVent Home Ventilation Systems

Create a healthier, drier home with a SmartVent home ventilation system. You can control window condensation, reduce damp and filter air for a healthier home. Whatever your budget, our assessors can explain the various options available from SmartVent and help you choose the one that best suits your home.  

We recommend SmartVent's affordable yet clever ventilation systems including SmartVent Evolve which combines temperature & humidity sensors and a free tablet controller to manage the air in your home.

We're one of the largest installers of SmartVent systems in New Zealand with advice, information and obligation-free quotes on SmartVent home ventilation and heat transfer systems.

SmartVent Evolve

If you're looking for total control of your ventilation system then SmartVent Evolve is the answer.  With temperature and humidity sensors SmartVent Evolve is clever enough to automatically source the vented air from either the roof, inside your home or outside air depending on that air’s temperature and humidity.  Likewise the speed of air being vented into your home is automatically adjusted to reflect its temperature in order to maximise your comfort while addressing air quality and humidity. External air sourcing relies on SmartVent’s optional Summer Kit which is particularly useful for hot humid summer nights.

Free Tablet to control SmartVent Evolve

A free tablet is provided with your SmartVent Evolve system that lets you refine the system's settings to suit your preferences and the interface is intuitive to make operation easy. This allows you to adjust your priorities to ensure your comfort is not compromised by the ventilation system - you can intervene from its automatic settings to have the system focus on temperature, humidity, quietness or even boost it during high condensation periods.

For homes with a surplus of heat from an open fire or log-burner, Smart Vent also has a Heat Transfer system that effectively transfers the excess heat from one room to other rooms in the house.

To learn more about the ventilation systems and which suits your home and your budget best, book a Free Home Assessment with Smart Energy Solutions.