Underfloor Insulation: Best Advice, Quotes & Installation

Keep your feet warm and save money this winter with underfloor insulation. We have free advice and the best products to insulate your floor and have a range of finance options to make it easy.

Why Underfloor Insulation?

With more than 10% of the heat from your home lost through the floor - and even more in older style wooden homes - you have every reason to take the first step in insulating your floor today.

Underfloor insulation products can also reduce dampness with a well-installed layer of underfloor insulation preventing moisture from penetrating into the house from a damp basement. This helps create a warmer, drier room.

Underfloor insulation is one of the easiest ways to insulate your home, and there is a wide variety of products available on the market now. We provide free advice on the best underfloor solution for your home.

We're also an approved provider in the EECA Warm Up New Zealand:Healthy Homes programme and have subsidies available for eligible rental properties covering supply & installation of underfloor insulation. So don't get cold feet - contact us today.

The Best Underfloor Insulation

Some forms of insulation don't cope well with the damp conditions under your home and can sag after a period of time becoming less effective.

We have a range of high quality underfloor insulation options and are experts at installing insulation quickly and safely to make your home warmer without fuss. We can recommend the best underfloor insulation products for your home and are an approved provider under EECA's Warm Up New Zealand Healthy Home programme so you can trust us to do it right.

We can let you know whether your home also needs a moisture barrier to avoid excess damp and where necessary we can safely remove foil insulation that has lost it's effectiveness by being torn, tarnished, corroded or dusty before installing your insulation underfloor.

Types of Underfloor Insulation

There are a wide range of insulation materials available with pros and cons.

  • Polyester insulation blanket: can be stapled snugly into position by professional installers. Stapling underfloor where there are live wires is dangerous for DIY installers.
  • Polyester insulation sections: higher density sections that can be squeezed in between joists and are self-supporting without staples or straps.
  • Fibreglass underfloor insulation: this material is low density and is used extensively in ceilings and floors but underfloor can be affected by the damp conditions.
  • Foil insulation: was used extensively years ago for reducing radiated heat loss. It's effectiveness is lost when it is tarnished or coroded, collects dust or condensation, gets ripped or damaged. More recently talk has begun about banning foil insulation in to "residential properties  with an existing electrical installation."* This is due to risk of electrocution in working with a conductive material around electrical wiring.
  • Polystyrene underfloor insulation: these are rigid sections that have been used extensively in the past. The polystyrene must be isolated from TPS wiring for safety as it can be affected by the polystyrene material. Some forms claim to be self supporting but require tacks to hold them in place.
* Source: Q&A: The residential Tenancies Regulations Q8

Installing Underfloor Insulation

Installing insulation underfloor can be tricky with dirty, tight spaces and it can also be dangerous with electrical wiring. Our teams of experienced installers have the equipment and training to be quicker and more effective than DIY. Let us take the hassle out of underfloor insulation. Professional installation also allows you to pay off your insulation via your council rates in selected regions. 

To learn more about underfloor insulation options and finance support available contact us for a free home assessment today and get a no-obligation quote for your insulation needs. Otherwise if you're looking at installing your underfloor insulation yourself - check out our DIY Insulation Hints & Tips.