Cozy Kiwi Fund & Community Trusts

Our own Cozy Kiwi Fund, in conjunction with regional Community Trusts, provide additional insulation funding for homeowners in specific regions.

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Since 2009 Smart Energy Solutions (SES) has worked with many regional Community Trusts and EECA's Warm Up New Zealand programmes to provide additional insulation funding to homes that without the help, could otherwise not afford to do it.

Some of the regional funding programmes we're proud to be part of include:

Cozy Kiwi Insulating Homes

Smart Energy Solutions launched its own Cozy Kiwi Fund to help fund insulation for homeowners and tenants living in cold, damp unhealthy homes, who often weren't eligible under the EECA programmes. We know from considerable experience - having made 79,000 homes warmer & drier through various products - that the community benefits from insulation are considerable, and include:  

  1. Cost savings to homeowners. Insulated homes are easier and less expensive to keep warm, resulting in healthier homes and lower power bills.
  2. Insulation helps reduce the number of admissions to hospital due to respiratory illnesses, reduce absences from schools and work, and help the elderly through the colder seasons. 
  3. Overall improvement of the community housing stock (benefiting all future residents and tenants who purchase or move into insulated homes in the community).
  4. Increased local employment and job training.

With this additional funding, we make a real difference in these communities. From the first day we install the first house for the next 100 years, these homes will be better living environments and places for our children to grow.  

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