Insulation and the new RTA regulations

Not long now - insulation will become mandatory in ALL rental properties from July 2019 under the RTA. Are your properties compliant?

Uninsulated Ceiling

Rental properties must have adequate ceiling and underfloor insulation by the 1st July 2019.

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With 6 months till insulation is mandatory in rentals, MBIE report says up to 220,000 are not to standard and risk fines of up to $4000. Read more.

Insulation in rentals is compulsory from July 2019 under the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) a change announced by the National government in mid-2016.

The Stuff article indicates an MBIE report estimates up to 220,000 rentals are not to the insulation standards in a total industry with a capacity of 50,0000 per year.

Housing Minister Phil Twyford has no intention to extend the deadline and stated "there would be no leniency for landlords who found themselves unable to book a insulation retrofit in time, as the deadline had been known for years."

A compliance team has already been set up to inspect and enforce the new regulations and MBIE can impose fines of up to $4000 for non-compliance.

What were the key RTA requirements announced in 2016?

  • Since July 2016 new Tenancy Agreements must include a Statement of Insulation declaring the level and type of existing ceiling, underfloor and wall insulation.
  • Since July 2016 all tenanted properties must have working smoke alarms.
  • From July 2019 all residential rental properties must have adequate ceiling and underfloor insulation (some exemptions apply - read below).

Insulation & Heating for Rentals

We can help make your rentals warmer in winter, drier and compliant with new insulation & heating regulations. There's only 4 months to go before insulation is mandatory. Leave your contact details here and one of our friendly team will be in touch to help. We'll coordinate with your tenants and ensure your products are installed safely and provide you with an Insulation Statement.

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Download your free Landlords Guide to the Residential Tenancies Act

Find out more about the Residential Tenancies Act changes and insulation requirements by downloading the Landlords Guide to the RTA. It lets you know what the regulations are, including insulation specifications.

What level of Insulation is required for my rental?

The level on insulation required depends on whether your property currently has any insulation or not and what condition the existing insulation is in.

  • Existing insulation must be dry, in reasonable condition, with no gaps and meet a minimum requirement for ceilings of R1.9 level for timber framed homes or R1.5 for masonry homes. Equivalent underfloor insulation levels being R0.9 for all homes.
  • Currently uninsulated houses will need to insulate ceilings to either R2.9 or R3.3 depending on regional zone, and underfloor to R1.3.

An insulated home improves the value of rental properties and limits maintenance issues associated with cold and damp. Protect your asset and your tenants' health and comfort - they will stay in your properties for longer, and your maintenance costs will be less. Contact us today and we can help ensure you comply.

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