07 March 2017

7 Smart Solutions for Hot, Humid Nights

Getting a comfortable night’s sleep can be a challenge over summer especially in areas with high humidity. Here are a few smart solutions so you can rest easier.

Bedroom Heat Pump Cropped

Humidity levels in bedrooms over summer mean that overnight perspiration can’t evaporate effectively resulting in hot sticky nights. There are a variety of ways you can lower bedroom temperatures or assist air-movement to allow a more comfortable night. Here are some smart solutions that may help you rest well this summer.

  1. Avoid heat build-up. You can either keep curtains closed during the day and/or ventilate the room by opening appropriate windows and doors to get a cross breeze through the house. Adequate insulation in your ceiling is also key to avoid heat from your roof making living spaces uncomfortable. Read more about insulation.
  2. Windows.  If you’re lucky enough to have a good flow of natural cross-breeze then keeping the windows open overnight can be a good option. Fitting security stays and insect screens may be a wise investment to add. Just be aware of traffic noise, mozzies or excess pollen drifting in if family members have allergies.
  3. Bedding.  Have dedicated light-weight duvets or blankets for summer use and invest in cotton rather than synthetic sheets.
  4. Lukewarm shower.  Taking a quick, cool (not cold) shower before bedtime will lower your body temperature a bit and clean off the day’s sweat. 
  5. Portable fans.  A portable fan will create air movement that both cools and assists in evaporation of perspiration. Portable fans don’t tend to have a timer however so choose the fan speed carefully or you’ll be waking to turn it off during the night. You’ll also need a fan for each bedroom.
  6. Ventilation. A ventilation system with a summer kit can cost effectively cool all your bedrooms using filtered, cool outside air. Safe, secure, free of pollens and mozzies. The ventilation system can also keep your window condensation under control in winter. Read more about ventilation.
  7. Bedroom heat pump/air conditioner.  Running your bedroom heat pump overnight is an option, just don’t set the temperature lower than you need to keep power use under control.  Also if it has a timer just turn it on for two or three hours, starting half an hour before you go to bed – that should be sufficient to get you to sleep in comfort. Read more about heat pumps.

Our Suggestion

Try all the natural ventilation and summer bedding options first since they are the most energy efficient. If these don’t work or if you also have issues with winter warmth, condensation, mildew or mould then you should consider a ventilation system or heat pump. 

Book a free home assessment with Smart Energy Solutions to explore which option best solves your comfort needs. We have multiple brands of both heat pumps and home ventilation systems to offer you choice and great advice – we also have a range of finance options available to make year-round home comfort affordable now.

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