Keep your cool in Summer

11 January 2018

Home insulation not only retains your heat to keep you warmer in winter but also keeps you cooler in summer. Read a customer's experience.

The benefits of insulation in winter are well known but the comfort of your home is also improved in summer.

A customer in Whakatane was so impressed by his new ceiling insulation that he took time to share his experience with us.

"Hi Your guys came today and insulated my ceiling. I would like to commend you and your team for a fantastic job and service. I am amazed at the difference already! Thanks again,"  Steve, Whakatane

Steve’s ceiling insulation will reduce the amount of heat from his ceiling space that transfers through to his living areas.

Insulation creates a thermal barrier to reduce heat leaking out of your home in Winter as well as transferring into your home from hot roof spaces in Summer.

5 ways to help keep your home cool in Summer

  1. Close curtains to prevent direct sunlight pouring into your home. Alternatively look at thermal window film.
  2. Open windows and doors to allow a fresh breeze through your home.
  3. BBQ instead of oven roasting to avoid more heat source in your home in summer.
  4. Plant deciduous trees for summer shade without blocking the winter sun.
  5. Consider an energy efficient heat pump for those extreme heat days/nights.

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