25 July 2016

How are your winter power bills?

We can help shrink them down to size! We're a one-stop-shop for home energy efficiency products to reduce your power bills year round.

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If your winter power bills were eating into your budget then let us help you knock them back to a manageable level with our smart home energy efficiency solutions.

We’re New Zealand’s leading specialists in making homes more energy efficient. We know what works and gives you the best return on the money you invest plus we give you great advice for free.

Right now we’re working in your area, assessing homes and installing insulation, heating, ventilation, hot water heating, LED downlights and other energy efficient solutions. 

We can also tell you about any subsidies and financial support available in your area to make energyefficiency affordable.

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The best place to start in creating a warmer, more energy efficient home is ceiling and underfloor insulation. Heating your home is a high proportion of annual energy bills and can save $750 per year versus an uninsulated home*. The comfort and health benefits are priceless.

Heat Pumps:

The most energy efficient form of electrical heating – you’ll get cost-effective warmth in winter and cooling when you need it on hot summer nights.


Condensation, mould, damp can all be a thing of the past with good ventilation. More importantly damp air is harder to heat.  We have a choice of  leading brands and can make your home drier & healthier.

LED downlights:

Heat leaks through to your roof from the clearances required around traditional downlight fittings. With better heat retention, lower power use and longer life make the step to LEDs.

Water Heating:

We now also have smart controllers that can fit to your existing hot water cylinder to lower water heating bills by up to 40%^ for a quick payback.

Now is a great time to get this important work done - you will notice the difference straight away and your home will be warmer, healthier, more energy efficient - and your power bills will be lower.

Simply contact us today for a free home assessment and no-obligation quotes. 

* Dept of Building & Housing “Your Guide to Smarter Insulation”.   
^ www.smarthotwater.co.nz

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