19 October 2016

It’s hay fever season!

Most of us welcome the arrival of spring but it’s not as much fun for allergy sufferers. Spring and summer are the months when over 100,000 kiwis suffer from hay fever and this year’s warm winter means pollen season has started early.

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The main causes of hay fever (also known as allergic rhinitis) are indoor allergens (including house dust mites, pets, moulds) and outdoor allergens such as pollens from trees or grasses.

People with asthma are quite likely to get hay fever too. Suffering from these can have a huge impact on your quality of life and can affect sleep, work or school performance. To help, we offer free quotes for a range of home ventilation systems that can help manage your home’s air-quality by filtering out allergens.

Free tips for allergy sufferers

Some ways you can help treat hay fever include managing home air-quality. That can include:

  1. Remove or clean carpets, or vacuum regularly as carpets harbour dust mites.
  2. Spring clean to remove mould from surfaces around the home, particularly in wet areas and around windows.
  3. Cover all bedding, and remove any soft toys from the bedroom.
  4. Use a clothes dryer to dry bedding - this will prevent pollen settling on linen on the washing line.
  5. Use a dehumidifier or ventilation system to avoid damp causing mould.
  6. Stay indoors if pollen counts are high or it is especially windy.
  7. Use air-con when in the car (on recycle mode).
  8. Have lawns mowed regularly as this will avoid the grass flowering.
  9. Keep pets outside.

It might also be time to make sure your heat pump and ventilation system are working well to keep the air clean in your home. If you think you may need a system to help your household, contact us today and we can visit you and let you know what system is best for your home. We offer free quotes for ventilation and heat pumps to make your home more comfortable and healthy.

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