17 June 2015

Winter Is Here - Is Your Home Warm Enough?

As winter chills arrive it's important for your health that your home is sufficiently warm. But how warm do the various rooms in your home need to be?

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The temperature of our homes has a major impact on our health. Research by the World Health Organisation resulted in recommendations being issued on the minimum indoor temperatures for a warm and comfortable home.

According to the World Health Organisation indoor temperatures should be:

- at least 18˚C - 20˚C  (20˚C for vulnerable groups like children, the elderly and people who are ill),
- at least 16˚C in your bedroom overnight.

To read more about the impact of cold houses on your family’s health click here.

There are many things you can do to make your home warmer, healthier and more energy efficient.

Insulation, heating and moisture control all work together to help create a warm, healthy and comfortable home.

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  1. Insulation is the first step in making your home warmer and drier. It makes your home easier and cheaper to heat, reduces the risk of mould and mildew growth and makes your home healthier and more comfortable to live in. 
  2. Heating is more effective if your home is insulated. Heating your home is easy and cheap depending on the type of heater you have. Heat pumps are energy efficient and cheap to run when used properly.
  3. Ventilation helps to remove moisture in the air and maintains air quality. Paired together with a heat transfer system you can move warm air from one room to other colder rooms in the house, keeping rooms warmer and drier.

You only need to do these jobs once and your home can be warmer, drier and more comfortable for years to come. The initial costs are paid back with the improved health and comfort of your family and the energy savings you make.  

If your house is cold and damp then you need insulation, heating, and/or ventilation. We can supply and install your new products to help make your home or rental property warmer, drier and healthier, and save you money on power bills.

Get a warmer home now - we can help you. 

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