Landlords - Statements of Insulation, quotes & 50% insulation subsidies

The new Residential Tenancies Act currently requires a Statement of insulation in ALL new Tenancy Agreements. EECA subsidies for new insulation only last till June 2018. Don't wait - make your property compliant now.

50% Insulation Subsidies for Rentals available*

The new EECA Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes programme offers 50% subsidies for ceiling and underfloor insulation for eligible rental properties.

Rental properties are eligible for EECA subsidies if:

  • they were built before 2000 AND
  • your tenant has a Community Services Card OR
  • your tenant is on low income and has a health referral

If these criteria are met then you (the landlord) may be eligible to receive 50% OFF the cost insulating your rental property.

We can help you with paperwork and coordinate with your tenants if required. We also assist landlords with a range of other energy efficiency improvements including heat pumps, ventilation systems, extractors, LED downlights and more. Remediation such as insulation is an exemption under new LVR funding rules too.

Regardless of if you are eligible or not, you may be able to add the costs of insulation to your rates (see below). Contact us to find out more.

Statement of Insulation required in Rental Leases

The new Residential Tenancies Act states that landlords must state the level of insulation in their rental property in new Tenancy Agreements, as well as have working smoke alarms. We can provide you with a Statement of Insulation for only $49 (refundable with purchases^) which you can include in the Agreement. The Statement of Insulation covers:

  • Statement of Insulation for Tenancy Agreements
  • 50% EECA insulation subsidies if tenants are eligible*
  • Free - Smoke Alarm assessment. Compliant alarms installed for $50 each.
  • Free - Insulation, heating, ventilation assessments
  • Free - Quotes on what is needed
  • Free - summary of Finance options

Act now - it's easy, contact us today and we'll do the rest for you. 

Read more about insulation and smoke alarms being compulsory here.

Put Insulation for Rentals on your Rates

A number of councils offer financial assistance to property owners to improve the quality of the housing stock in their area. The funding support is provided by allowing insulation (and a heat pump in some regions) to be paid off via your regular council rates payments over a period of up to 9 years^ (varies by council). Contact us today and we can let you know if your council offers the rates programme.

Read more at:

Other payment options include:

  • adding the costs to your Mortgage - most banks waive any top up fees for insulation upgrades
  • consider our interest free options via Q Card

So act now while financial subsidies and support is available  - call us on 0800 888 766 or email us to find out more. We can provide you with a Statement of Insulation for only $49 (refundable after purchase) to help ensure you comply.

Residential Tenancies Act (RTA)

The new Residential Tenancies Act is making insulation mandatory. Working smoke alarms and a Statement of Insulation in new leases are already compulsory regulations so act now.

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